Crafted Invoice and Proposal Templates for Designers

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As a freelancer, a great amount of time is spent tracking billable hours, maintaining expense reports, and following up with clients to get paid. When sending out invoices, rarely is the presentation or personality considered when the end goal is to just collect money.

Unfortunately, I think that this is a missed opportunity for many designers. After spending time with clients, building relationships, and being trusted for your design, your invoices should maintain the same high level of quality as your deliverables. At the same time, if you are just starting your relationship with a new client, the proposal template should also be beautiful and welcoming.

unique proposal for clients

The Crafted Invoice and Proposal Templates are extremely well-built InDesign files for you to use for any invoice or communication with clients. The fonts used are available on Lost Type or are already installed on your computer. Everything is dynamic in the templates, including the colors, so you can brand it any way that you’d like.

Right now, I am offering both of these files together for only $5.99! You may use them on any project that you’d like and modify them for your personal use. Thank you for your interest and I hope that you enjoy.

Buy Now – $5.99

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