NO 1 An Introduction

Hello from San Diego, California. My name is Andy Stone and I am the Director of Digital Design at NetApp.

Andy Stone graphic design

Over the last sixteen years, I've worked in branding and digital design for startups and national brands. After years of working in the agency world, the last few years has revolved around more digital-product design and development. From 2014-2019, I helped run Emerson Stone with my partners Jamie Emerson and Brett Wagner. If you’d like to chat about design, please get in touch.

NO 2 Featured Work

My favorite work work over the last couple of years has focused on branding and digital design for consumer-facing products. Click on any project to read about the process or see more in the portfolio.

NO 3 Most Recent Article

The Work Roller Coaster

Well-meaning friends and colleagues are all quick to warn freelancers about the roller-coaster life of working without a traditional salary, established benefits, or a 9–5 job. This fear of the peaks and valleys (more so of the valleys) has kept many of my friends in careers about which they’re …