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I am currently taking on new freelance design projects, so if you’d like to chat about ampersands & grid systems, drop me a line.

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Learn a little bit more about where I spend my time on the web. Dribbble always has the latest projects that I’m working on.

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Right Now, Andy is…

a Boulder-based designer specializing in user interfaces for web and mobile apps. For fun, he writes a few Articles on design and posts shots on Dribbble. He and his friends are also building useful products like Bistro for small businesses.

Graphic designer living in Boulder, CO

Road Trip in California

A Little Introduction…

Hi, I’m Andy. Nice to meet you, too. I’ve been designing professionally for eight years, and in that time have developed an extensive portfolio of clients and projects—from Adobe to Jack Johnson and from T-Shirts to iPhone Apps.

I am currently freelancing in Boulder, CO and am working on a couple of branding projects, product sites, and iPhone apps for a few exceptional clients. If you have a design project that you’d like to discuss, have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.

Article: Starting an Education in Design: Essential Reading

August 12, 2013|, ,

My father has run the same antique book shop for nearly twenty years and has dedicated much of his life to his love for books. From a very young age, I learned to love books by seeing the care and affinity that my father had for them. While the design community has amazing resources and websites for learning how to start out on your own, I still believe in the need for great books in a design education. I’ve been practicing and learning design, in one form or another, for nearly eleven years now. It is shocking just to think […]

Andy Stone
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What's With the Rabbit?

Simple answer? I like them. But the story behind it goes something like this: my previous company was called Andy in Color and a rabbit was the focal point of the logo. I always enjoyed the simplicity and design of it, so decided to keep it around for my current branding. I still use the name Andy in Color on a variety of social networks, so it made sense to bring the rabbit with me. Plus, who doesn’t like rabbits?